The Party Never stops here in Aeaea!


Map of Aeaea

Located on the coast of Italy, Aeaea is a wonderful travel destination through out the year.  Aeaea is located just south of Rome.

Weather of Aeaea

Average seasonal temperatures.

Spring 63                 Summer 72

Fall     68                 Winter   49

Travel Plans

Reach Aeaea by

  • Boat

  • Car

  • Plane

  • Train

  • Ferry

  • Chariots

Most airfare ranges from $2,000-$2500 from the United States.

Cruises to Aeaea start at $1500.

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  • Swimming

  • Surfing

  • Walking on the beach

  • Sailing

  • Hiking

  • Hunting

  • Observing magical animals

  • Rock climbing

  • Camping

  • Diving

  • Partying

  • Feasting

  • Dancing

  • Drinking

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Rooms and Rates

For $200 per night, you can enjoy our basic room situated in the palace.  These rooms can accommodate two to four people and are perfect for a family looking for affordable rates.  These rooms are equipped with a TV and a fridge.

For $250 per night, you can upgrade to a king's room equipped with a king-sized bed.  These rooms are also in the palace.  You will have your own kitchen, complete with a stove, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher, as well as a plasma TV.

For $400 per night, you can stay in our deluxe suite.  You will get your own cabin right on the water.  Enjoy complementary room service, a large plasma TV, a Jacuzzi, a fully equipped kitchen, and a marvelous water front view.

Follow Odysseus' path through out the Mediterranean Sea (see map).