World's Finest Football Coach - Dale Richardson

Mr. Richardson was recently named the World's Finest Football Coach by The Symmes Report.  Known for his inspirational team pep-talks, his daring play calling and his superb rapport with his players, Mr. Richardson turns boys to men through teaching, inspiration and modeling the skills necessary to become a champion!

"Football is a very unique sport.  Other sports require teamwork and athletic ability, but I believe that no other sport demands the planning, preparation and execution of football. Each person on the field has a job to do, unique to them and different in every situation, that they must execute in order for the plan to work. No other sport resembles military strategy and battlefield tactics or helps the players to learn interdependence and the camaraderie of football. It is a rite of passage for maturing young men to become a team and achieve greatness by working together and for each other. Each one learns that no one can do it alone - each one must succeed for all to succeed."

                - Dale Richardson, World's Finest Football Coach


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