The following is, with some slight omissions, the will of Mrs. Sarah Symmes, as found on record in the Suffolk Registry, vol. vi. fol. 145. It was proved December 28, 1676.
THE WILL OF SARAH SIMMS, relict of Zechariah Simmes, late of Charlestown.

I do freely give and resigne my soul into the hands of my blessed Creator and Redeemer, desiring for the merit of Christ alone to be accepted, and desire with thankfulness to acknowledge his grace for that measure of assurance thereof which hee hath vouchsafed unto mee. And for that temporall Estate which I have which is onely ffifty pound, which my husband in his last will and Testament gave me liberty to dispose of as I saw good, I do dispose and give as followeth The remaining eight pounds I give to my son William Simms, to my son John Broke and to his wife, to my son Zachary Simms and to his wife, to my son Timothy Simms and to his wife, to my son Timothy Prout and to his wife, to my son Humphrey Booth, to my son Edward Willies and his wife, to each an equal part for to buy each of them a Ring, which I desire them to accept as a token of my love, I not having farther to give unto them.

Thomas Savage and Edward Willis were Executors.
Mr. Symmes had by his wife Sarah, according to Cotton Mather, thirteen children, five sons and eight daughters. We find but ten mentioned in the foregoing will ; the same number assigned to him by Johnson - this being the number living in 1652, the date of the "Wonder-Working Providence". Eight were born in England, of whom seven accompanied him to this country. Five were born afterwards.