Housekeeping in the XVII Century

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This paper has no date, but must have been used in settlement of Captain Symmes's [2] estate.
"John Warner of Lawfull age doth testefy yt he liued with Captn Wm Symms late of Charlestoune a many years, in perticuler he liued there at yt time when ye Reverend Mr Moses ffisk, courted and Marryed his daughter Mrs. Sarah Symms, and sd Mr. ffisk recd and had Caryed to Brantre a Considerable quantity of Goods yt were Mr. Symmses. Imprimis two tables one forme six Joynstools and two or three chests yt went not away Empty. Six chairs of John Larkin at Charlestn also 90 weight of fethers, and a new ticking for those fethers that cost three shilling a yard, also a considerable sum of money laid out at ye vpholsters, for his Master's daughter aforesd, and Considbe sum of Ditto at a Braziors shop, and she had som plate viz one silver Beaker and two silver cups and 3 silver spoons, & brass, one brass kittle from hom yt would hold about three pailfuls, and one or two Iron pots, and fiue pounds captn Symms paid towards Mr. ffisks purches at Brantree, also a pair of hand Irons & a Spitt or two, and a tramill made by Hen: Balcomb at Charlstn, likewise she had som pevter out of the hous, and four pounds more he gaue her at Mr. Richd Barnads.

"Likewise when my Master was a widower, his sd daughter caryed away at twice, two considerable quantetyes of Linen, sheets and napkins and such like, which was by my Masters order.

"my Master spake of giueing his sd daughter fifty pound vpon Marriage, ye which I doubt not but he performd with great advantage. how many cows and sheep I do not remember.

"also my Master lent Mr ffisk a Larg Concordance yt sum did Judg was well worth forty shillings.

"also Mr ffisk borrowed a small birding piece of my Master very Injenious work, my Master was offered twenty S. for it, these he promised to returne again."
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