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Diana - 29KB PROFESSOR DIANA LARY, née Diana Lainson Symmes, showed great linguistic ability when at the age of 14 her English parents sent her to Germany on a fortnight's holiday and Diana returned home speaking fluent German.

She was so good at learning languages that by the time she went to College her London tutors disuaded her from reading Russian and persuaded her to read Chinese instead.

Diana graduated in England (Ph.D. from London University, 1968) and after her marriage to author Nikky Lary was dissolved she emigrated to Canada where she became Professor of History at the University of London, Ontario, and then at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Her excellent knowledge of Chinese resulted in Diana becoming an Expert Advisor on Chinese Affairs to the Canadian Government and travelled extensively in China and other Asian countries.
When asked whether she would allow us to publish her page in our Symmes Memorial, Diana replied by e-mail: "I would be delighted – as long as you don’t think it would seem that I am blowing my own trumpet. I am very touched by this whole conference – it is entirely organized by my former students". Diana was referring to the farewell Conference organised in her honour shortly after her retirement from University life in 2006.
Books Currently in Press:
  1. Diana Lary, China’s Republic. Cambridge University Press, in press (due out 2006). This is a general history of China’s Republic, from the late 19th Century to the present.
  2. Diana Lary, The Chinese State at the Borders. University of British Columbia Press, in press (due out early 2007). Essays in honour of Alexander Woodside.
  3. Stephen MacKinnon, Diana Lary, and Ezra Vogel, China at War. Stanford University Press, in press (due out 2006). Essays on the regions of China during the Resistance War.

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