Symmes in New Zealand

Our cousin Howard Symmes, son Kirk (12), daughter Hillary (10) and wife Jane live in New Zealand but sent us this photo from Northern Australia shortly after their holiday there in December 2004.

In her delightful letter, Jane tells us that they traveled north to Cape York, the most northern point in Australia. "Very remote rough dirt roads, no cell phone coverage even. Surprisingly a lot of people heading up that way. Much to everyone's doubt back home with remarks about snakes, spiders and other creepies we didn’t have any problems. We were also pleasantly surprised that we were able to swim in a lot of the rivers where there were no crocs (or rather no croc signs!). Swimming in the sea was totally out - what a waste, beautiful and idyllic but not even able to paddle because of crocs, sharks and other deadly sea creatures. Howard would still be driving around if he had the chance!!"

Come now, children, stop shouting 'Crocodile' until we are attacked by one!

The ancestry of Howard Symmes:

Gen.Ref.SymmesPlace of birthDate of birth
1[1] Zechariah England 5 Apr 1599
2[4] William England 10 Jan 1626
3[17] William Charlestown 1678
4[58] John Charlestown Aug 1720
5[100] John North Medford Aug 1755
6[193] Charles North Medford 4 Apr 1798
7[387] Thomas John Aylmer, Canada 26 Jan 1836
8[-] Howard Church Aylmer, Canada 24 Mar 1874
The children of Major Howard Church:
9[-]Cecil Symmes
South Africa
b. 4 May 1914
South Africa
Lainson family
New Zealand

"An anthill we passed in Northern Australia"
Jane, Hillary, Kirk and Howard Symmes on top of Ayers Rock, Central Australia.
Ayers Rock is a deeply fissured sandstone monolith, the largest in the world, and it is known as Uluru in the Aboriginal language. It contains cave paintings in its interior and it is important to the beliefs and ritual life of the Aborigin people.